Frankfurt               Kiel               St. Gallen

Goethe-Universität Frankfurt

“Desert–Garden–Desert Prime: The Great American Desert and Other Western Myths,” Summer 2022
“Introduction to Literary Studies,” Summer 2022
“The Afterlives of Slavery: On Afro-pessimism,” Winter 2020/21, Winter 2021/22
“American Automation,” Winter 2021/22
“American Revolutionary Thought After the Great Financial Crisis,” Summer 2021
“Zombies! Theories and Histories of the Living Dead,” Summer 2021
“The Western and World-Ecology,” Winter 2020/21
“Introduction to American Culture and Cultural Studies,” Winter 2018/19, Summer 2014, Winter 2013/14
“Black Liberation Struggles, 1954-2016,” Winter 2016/17
“Hegel, Du Bois, and the Struggle for Recognition,” Winter 2014/15
“Visualizing ‘Race’: From the Minstrel Show to the 21st Century,” Summer 2014
“Marxism and Cultural Criticism,” Winter 2013/14
“Post-Black? Post-‘Race’? Post-Soul? The Novels of Colson Whitehead,” Summer 2013

Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel

“American Automation,” Winter 2021/22
“‘The Progress That Shall Be Made’: On Science Fiction,” Winter 2021/22
“Zombies: Representations of the Living Dead,” Summer 2021
“The Culture of Technological Artifacts,” Summer 2021
“Disaster Communism or Climate Barbarism? Representations of Post-Catastrophic Communities,” Winter 2020/21
“(Anti-)Blackness on the Screen,” Summer 2020, Summer 2018
“The Western,” Summer 2020
“Prophets of #doom: Ecopessimism and Social Media,” Winter 2019/20
“Technology and American Culture: Meanings, Materialities, Practices,” Summer 2019
“The Coming Catastrophe: The Apocalypse in (Popular) Culture,” Winter 2018/19
“American Art and Art Criticism After 1945,” Summer 2018
“Thinking Through the Box: Global Culture and the Shipping Container,” Winter 2017/18
“The Photograph and the World: Meaning and Indexicality,” Summer 2017
“Representing ‘The People’: Populism in Theory and Practice,” Summer 2017

Universität St. Gallen

“Is Technology a Cause of or a Solution to Global Warming?,” Fall 2020, Spring 2022
“Technology and Social Change,” Spring 2020

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