Marlon Lieber is a lecturer, writer, and postdoctoral researcher interested in critical theories of the present. He holds a PhD in American Studies from Goethe-Universität Frankfurt. Reading Race Relationally: Embodied Dispositions and Social Structures in Colson Whitehead’s Novels, his first book, is forthcoming with transcript Verlag in April 2023.

His current research project, tentatively titled “Appropriately Automated Luxury Pastoralism: Lewis Mumford and the Radical Techno-Republican Constellation,” investigates a tradition of social and technological critique articulated in the context of the economic and ecological crises of the 1930s, its predecessors in radical 19th-century political thought, and the way in which it anticipates today’s discourses on automation, ecology, and postcapitalism.

As of April 2022, Lieber works as Assistant Professor of American Studies at the Institute of English and American Studies at Goethe-Universität Frankfurt. In recent years, Lieber has also taught at the English Seminar at Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, and the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Universität St. Gallen.

He is a member of “The Failure of Knowledge / Knowledges of Failure,” a research network funded by the German Research Foundation, as well as part of the re:articulate editorial collective. His writings have appeared in academic journals such as Amerikastudien / American Studies, REAL – Yearbook of Research in English and American Literature, and Coils of the Serpent, but also “in the more modest and becoming way of occasional contributions to magazines and other polite periodicals” such as Geschichte der Gegenwart or analyse & kritik.

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